Amulet "From depression, panic and mental attacks"

Amulet "From depression, panic and mental attacks"

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Product Code: Amulet "From depression, panic and mental attacks"
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Amulet "From depression, panic and mental attacks"

Even in the most difficult situations, the amulet will substitute your shoulder.  With it, you will cope with any problems, he will give you moral help and support and protect you from depression, panic and mental attacks.

 As it is easy to guess from the name, the amulet is necessary in order to preserve.  He protects his owner from all sorts of misfortunes, damage, evil eye, malicious intent and slander of envious people.  He can protect the house from thieves, children from diseases, ward off evil spirits - the list of possible options is very long.  It would seem that amulets do the same, but there is a big difference between them.
 Speaking very simply and generally, anything can be a talisman.  This concept is much broader than the amulet, and does not necessarily imply decoration or a wearable element.  For example, a stork’s nest (and often any other bird’s nest) built on the roof of a house is considered to be a talisman. It protects the inhabitants of the house from misfortune, and in case of its destruction they can suffer misfortunes.  In Russia, there was also the concept of “horse” - a special structural element of the house, which was often performed in the form of a horse’s head.  This is also a charm that kept understanding between the inhabitants of the house, helped to avoid quarrels and quarrels.
 Of course, in the modern world, many of the charms have lost their significance, and many are no longer included in the life of people.  However, even now, a huge number of protective characters are available that will allow the owner to avoid problems and misfortunes.  They are simply made no longer in the form traditional for ancient cultures, and created in the form of jewelry and accessories that carry one or another power.

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