Prayer for praying for pregnancy

Prayer for praying for pregnancy

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The very first thing you need to do is put on a talisman to achieve your plan, so that your work will turn out.   Buy a white rope, twine, church cand...

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The very first thing you need to do is put on a talisman to achieve your plan, so that your work will turn out. 

  Buy a white rope, twine, church candles (never surrender) on women's days — Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

 You need to start reading the conspiracy from the first day of the growing moon in the morning until 12:00, and continue for forty days in a row, without missing a single day, otherwise the work will not work.

 We start the work like this: take three icons — Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and Nicholas the Pleasant, put them on the table, leaning against the wall.  We put a church candle in the candlestick, poke it as soon as you are ready to work.

 1. Light a candle.

 2. Holding a white rope, read the prayer "Our Father."

 3. Read the prayer "Believe."

 4. Read the prayer of the Mother of God, “Virgin Mary, rejoice, blessed Mary, Lord be with you, Blessed be you in wives and blessed The fruit of your body, as if Spas gave birth to our souls.

 5. Read the prayer to Nicholas the Ugodnik "O universal, great miracle worker, Saint Christ, Father Nicholas! Pray thee, awaken the hope of all Christians, faithful bearers, hungry feeders, crying merriment, sick doctors, sea-going ruler, wretched and orphan feeder and all  an ambulance and patron, let us live a peaceful life and let us be honored to see the glory of God's chosen ones in heaven, and with them constantly sing the same in the Trinity of a bewildered God forever and ever. Amen.

 6. Tie the first knot on the rope and say the conspiracy: "As this knot is tied, so would we, God's servants (our name and husband) have a child tied up, born, clogged with legs. Amen."  Put out the candle until the next time.

  Knit knots 40 days in a row, starting from the first day of the growing moon.  When all the nodules are tied up, and there must be forty pieces, the rope is stored until pregnancy and the entire pregnancy.  When you give birth, bury it in an impassable place.

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