Expression of financial gratitude to psychic Natalia Razumovskaya

Expression of financial gratitude to psychic Natalia Razumovskaya

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If I can help in solving Your problems with your video blog or if You addressed me and I answered all of Your questions and can help - You can thank me to place an order on this service by selecting suitable for Your...

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If I can help in solving Your problems with your video blog or if You addressed me and I answered all of Your questions and can help - You can thank me to place an order on this service by selecting suitable for Your budget amount. 

A lot of debate was, is and will be about money. For starters, listen to what I tell You. There are "good, pious" grandmother - physician lady ... - quack, who in old age please be sure to come with bread at the reception, and payment - "well, is... how much will give ".

Well knowing the magic of technology, I tell You, the bread is the body of Christ and the wine the blood of Christ. Remember the "our father" : "...our daily Bread give us this day..." - that is, give us our daily bread. Your bread you need to eat themselves and have no one to distribute . As to bringing your bread and giving You a grandmother give your health and prosperity. That's what You pay a "pious old ladies". And they through You just live. Give You a groom and take health, that is Your youthful body and flesh. And yet, from these grandmothers, as a rule there is a request: "Thank you to the doorstep don't talk to me. Leave in silence.". Include the brain! Thank you - is: "God help us". And its really God doesn't save. It works with other forces.

These people often argue about "free". Often in "free" pays "the devil."

Consider another question: Do YOU have something against Christian rites? When performing rites (such as baptism of the child) will pay to the Church. Of course you have the right to give more, but you don't argue. I am in no way comparing myself to the priest. I'm more of a creative person,having some talent and working on the wear is very sincere. Anyway, and magic free, You will not find anywhere according to Your wish. This desire can only be mine.

I often see a man through. IT sincerely is calculated. I take one small bill "at the mercy" of the work, and the rest smile and say: "take back". And believe me it is not the contingent, which from his throat pulls a better life and buzit on the Internet about the debt and talent. This will help always.

Now about the talent.

Exhibition of artist free. You can come and see it(see the battle - our work). But you bring lumps to your personal negative. You are not interested in grief. You want a favorite, and not the neighbor. You don't care for anyone. With a cry of "you must! you've got talent there!!!". Go to the show and tell me what you needed this picture for an interior and life positive and try to get her gift. Because the artist has talent. You don't want to just admire the talent.You want it for yourself and only for yourself. Very sad it turns out. And to me this is negative rake with its energy and its forces. Therefore, the debate about the payment of my work please stop. I reserves the right to accept a man or not to accept it. Fortunately I understand an absolute majority.

Maybe tough enough, but I expressed my opinion. But honestly.

Try never to lie and not to Dodge. If it were not for me to avail the phone number would change every month. And I have 6 years without a change. I must admit it is difficult to give guarantees - so You and nobody will. Even the best surgeon with experience and talent, and hopes and believes in your professionalism and positive outcome. And I do that.

I love people. But I am not God. Don't do what I can.

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