As you can guess from the title, a talisman needed to be protected. It protects its wearer from all kinds of calamities, corruption, evil eye, malice and slander of the envious. It can protect a house from thieves, children from disease, to ward off evil spirits – the list of possibilities is very large. It would seem that amulets do the same, but between them there is a big difference.

Speaking very simply and obsno, a talisman can be anything. This concept is much broader than the amulet, and does not necessarily imply ornament or wearable item. For example, amulet is the stork's nest (and often any other bird), built on the roof of the house – it keeps the residents of the house from harm, and in case of its destruction they can comprehend the trouble. In Russia also there was the concept of "horse" - a special constructive element of the house, which often took the form of a horse's head. It is also a talisman that kept the understanding between the inhabitants of the house, helped to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels.

Of course, in the modern world many of the charms have lost their value, and many are already not included in the life of people. However, now there are a huge number of sacred symbols, which allow the owner to avoid problems and misfortunes. Just made they are no longer in the traditional ancient cultures form and created in the form of jewelry and accessories, carrying a particular strength.