Talisman (derivative from the Greek Telesma - “enchantment”, “effect”) - an object that, with the help of its magical properties, attracts success to a person in a particular area.  The most common talismans attracting the owner to love, wealth, luck, health and longevity.  However, not all talismans are aimed at “general” spheres of a person’s life - there are objects that give success in a particular situation (for example, a talisman that allows you to succeed in negotiations or successfully pass an exam, impress an opposite sex person or achieve a raise  at work).

 Talismans, as well as amulets, are invisibly connected with the personality of the owner.  They work as follows - starting from the qualities that are inherent in the owner of the amulet, they strengthen the necessary in a particular situation, and do not allow those that interfere to appear.

 Talismans, in contrast to amulets, are often personalized - made in the form of any animals, plants or people with certain characteristics.  A talisman that strengthens the spirit and strength of character can be made in the form of a figurine of a lion, and one that gives wisdom in the form of an owl.  Amulets do not have such forms.

 As in the case of the amulet, by virtue of the talisman it is necessary to believe and take it seriously, otherwise it will not work.  However, relying entirely on its strength in the expectation that everything will come to order on its own and come out as it should, should not be.  The talisman will give strength, opportunity and help, but you need to make every effort to achieve the intended goal.