Amulet (derived from the Latin word Amuletum - “giving power”) - an item or accessory that gives a person happiness and protects his life from various problems - troubles in business and personal life, failures and diseases.

 One of the strongest amulets is considered to be those items that faithfully guarded the ancestors of the carrier and inherited it.  However, those amulets that the owner in one way or another received independently, can have tremendous power.  In order for the amulet to work as efficiently as possible, it must be tuned to the energy of the carrier and cleaned of the negative energy that it absorbs, protecting the owner from it.  Therefore, it is very important not to allow other people to touch your amulets, and in no case to wear other people's amulets.

 For the properties of the amulet, the material from which it is made and the signs that are applied to it are very important.  At all times, it was believed that amulets made of precious metals and stones have more power than simpler ones.  The symbols that determine the properties of the amulet can be runes, various geometric figures and numbers, as well as special symbols revered by different cultures.

 The magical power of the amulet directly depends on your attitude to it.  If you do not take it seriously and think that their magical power is nothing more than fairy tales, the amulet will “feel” it and lose its effectiveness.  However, one cannot completely rely on the power of the amulet - it will not be able to help you in solving problems or fulfilling wishes without your own efforts.