Frequently asked questions

  • As there is a live chat?

    You are ordering Live communication, and then I See that You left the order and paid for it, we contact You in any convenient way for You within the specified time and communicate in over 15-25 minutes. During this time, I can You many to help, and decide with You what to do next.

  • How to pay for the services or commodities?

    You select your desired product or service, click add to cart, place your order and during checkout You will see the column "payment Methods". Choose a convenient payment method and in accordance with the instructions, pay with a credit card or other means of money order.

  • What is service prayers, or instructions for performing rituals?

    When You order this service, after registration to the specified e-mail will come instructions and required files for saving. 

    You can read the instructions and do everything exactly to the instructions to achieve their goals. 

    And You can go to my blog and see some of the instructions for the conduct of rites or to read the prayers.