The prayer of the representative of the sign of Aries to the guardian angel Mahidiel

 My angel, save me from excessive self-confidence and insolence!

 Help me restrain my ambition and arrogance!

 Strengthen me in the feelings of good and good mood!

 Calm me, do not let passions take hold of me!

 Protect me from defeat in battle!

 And be with me in victory and glory!

 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Taurus to the guardian angel Asmodil

 My angel, be with me and soften my stubbornness!

 Teach me to trust people and forgive mistakes!

 Give me time to fulfill all our plans, do not rush me!

 Prepare me in advance for the inevitable changes!

 Fill my life with your beauty!

 Take the fruits of my work and send me recognition!

 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Gemini to the guardian angel Ambriel

 My angel, calm my fussiness!  Let me feel harmony and peace!

 Help me figure out the contradictions and choose the right path!

 Save me from talkativeness, which is understood as heartlessness!

 Become my support and teach me constancy!

 Be with me, protect me with your wing!

 Joy and love may be my reward!


 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Cancer to the guardian angel Muriel

 My angel, be with me all my days and all nights!  Protect me with your bright face!

 Save me from insults and teach me to forgive!

 Open my heart to the people you choose!

 By your strength, inspire me to work and dissolve my laziness in the water of oblivion!

 May my good heart beat with yours!

 And all that you bring on your wings, I will accept with joy and confidence!

 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Leo to guardian angel Verciel

 My angel, save me from arrogance and overestimation of yourself!

 Hold me back in my thirst for power and worship!

 Add me criticality to flattering and ingratiating in front of me!

 Share with me my power in the world of people!

 Do not let me be lazy and rest on my laurels!

 Teach me attention to other people and modesty!

 Send me kind hearts to help!

 My happiness and my joy are shared with me!

 Prayer of the representative of the sign of the Virgin to the guardian angel Hamaliel

 My angel, save me from fussiness and criticality!

 Limit my pettiness, let me see more and more!

 Help me not to be offended by people who disrupt order and make mess!

 Calm my haste, don't let me get annoyed over trifles!

 Teach me faith in love and tenderness!

 Light my days with your heart!  Take me on your flight!

 Be a reward for my hard work!

Prayer of the representative of the sign of Libra to the guardian angel Zuriel

 My angel, be with me always and everywhere!  Protect me with your wing from dangers!

 Help me make important decisions calmly and simply!

 Become my support in my search for justice!

 Tell me when you need to give others advice, and when it is better to remain silent!

 Dance with me, circle around and let me see yourself with your eyes!

 Play me a melody of heavenly spheres and sing me your song!

 And your smile will be my reward!

 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Scorpio to the guardian angel Barbie

 My angel, keep me from revenge and grudge!

 Heal the wounds inflicted by my careless word!

 And hide my own vulnerability from others!

 Teach me forgiveness and save me from revealing other people's secrets!

 Help me use my energy in good deeds!

 Bridle tighten my jealousy and hold it in your hands!

 Share your kindness with me!

 And give me the gift to see the pure intentions of other people!

 Walk with me in my ways and bring me to me!

 May mercy be my reward!


 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Sagittarius to the guardian angel Advachil

 My angel, save me from rudeness, impatience and tactlessness!

 Calm down my spirit of adventurism and thirst for excitement!

 Teach me to adequately accept both victory and defeat!

 Put your angelic words in my mouth and your tact in my heart!

 Be by my side in my wanderings!

 Help understand the wisdom of distant lands!

 With the light of our souls we will warm the world!

 Give me your praise!


 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Capricorn to the guardian angel Canail

 My angel, warm my soul!  Satisfy sadness in a difficult moment!

 Hold me, share the warmth!  Learn to love in the icy walls!

 Help me soften my cruelty!

 Let me see the different ways!

 It’s more fun to go under your wing!

 Together we will overcome everything!

 We will gather many lives in a wreath, flowers will bloom, bear fruit!

 At the top of the years I’ll look around, just be with me, my best friend!


 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Aquarius to the guardian angel Camdiil

 My angel, be a friend to me, together we will reveal the secrets of life all!

 We will two soar above the ground, I can reveal my talent with you!

 Seamlessly we can land on time, bring a lesson to friends of new affairs!

 You protect me with your wing when I suddenly explode in vain!

 The revolution is all napping in me spirit!  Educate him, I will not be deaf!

 The light of distant stars will be our path!

 We will run forward together with you!


 Prayer of the representative of the sign of Pisces to the guardian angel Barchiel

 My angel, protect me from rude words and evil people!

 Spill the balm of your kindness on my spiritual wounds!

 Come down with me from heaven to earth!

 Help me in difficult and boring work!

 Realize my most beautiful fantasies!  Under your wing, the world will become brighter!